Greetings, my wonderful readers. I pray that you all are doing well during this time. When the Coronavirus (COVID-19) first started, I was a little worried about it. I quickly became entrapped in the news and social media that I had to fast from the news and social media as well. I felt like I was taking precautions, washing my hands frequently, not touching my face, and social distancing when I could (that was hard at first when my job was still open). And then boom, I caught COVID-19.

For those that don’t know, I was exposed and contracted COVID-19, but thanks to God, I beat COVID-19!  Unfortunately, I do not know when I was exposed to the virus. It could have been two weeks before I got symptoms, it could have been at work, at the grocery store, friends, family, it’s just too hard to narrow down. I wanted to share my story with you all because we hear of so many deaths, but we don’t hear from the ones who beat it! I want you all to be educated that every case is NOT the same, and you can beat COVID-19! To those who lost family members, I am dearly sorry and you all are in my prayers.

I’ll briefly walk you all through everything I went through. My symptoms started with a terrible cough. I had a cough for about a week and it worsened on week two. I saw my doctor virtually on March 19th when he prescribed me cough medicine. He said that if my cough did not get better that I would need to get tested. He said that because it’s such a catch 22 my symptoms could be allergies or it could be the virus. Fast forward, from March 19th until March 25th, I had no other symptoms, but a cough that went away. On March 25th I developed a fever, headache, and body aches. Over the course of a few days I continued to have slight body aches, a fever, stuffy nose, and nausea. On March 26th, the second day of my extreme symptoms, I reached out to my local COVID-19 testing site through my local hospital to get tested. The hospital hotline told me that I sounded healthy and because I was low risk because of my age that they could not test me. They told me to continue taking Tylenol, stay hydrated, and if my symptoms worsened to call them back.

On March 28th, my sense of taste and smell went away completely, at this time I had no body aches. The next day my taste and smell was bothering me so I went to urgent care.  Because I had no other symptoms anymore, I thought maybe I had a sinus infection. After testing negative for flu and negative for a sinus infection, the doctor decided to test me for COVID-19, even though my other symptoms had stopped. I was also put on a 14 day quarantine. After I left urgent care, 2 hours later I became extremely nauseous and tired. I began throwing up and having slight breathing problems that evening. Now in all honesty, I’m not sure if my breathing problems were due to the virus or the fact that the same day I got tested for COVID-19, my husband had a friend to die from the virus. I was terrified! I reached out to my mother who prayed for me and over me, I knew I couldn’t lose my faith and I couldn’t worry. I had heard of stories from others who took showers, so I took a steamy shower that Sunday night to try and help my breathing.

It took a few days, but by March 31st I was getting better. I received my results via phone on April 3rd. I wasn’t even scared or nervous that I tested positive because I had been through the worse part already. I had already recovered! I’m sharing my story to tell you all that this is real! STAY AT HOME! While I only had a mild case, it could’ve been worse, and I thank God it wasn’t. The reality is test sites aren’t able to test everyone because of the supply shortage of tests. So we must do our part and quarantine. To my husband, friends, and family members that prayed, called, and helped in anyway thank you all!

I will also list the things I drunk/ took/ did during my time to help others. I pray this helps someone and if you have any questions feel free to ask me. For those curious about my loss of taste and smell, it lasted about 8/9 days. I kept a record of all my symptoms every day, and I checked my temperature about 3 times a day.

Hot green tea with honey and lemon

Water and Powerade

Cough medicine prescribed by doctor

Tylenol every 4-6 hours

Theraflu Cold and Flu

Nausea medicine prescribed by doctor

Daily multi Vitamins

Daily probiotic

Daily Airborne Immune Support

Hot steamy showers helped me to breathe  better but only for a short time. I would also add eucalyptus oils to my showers.

I do Immunity yoga (yoga to build your immune system


8 Replies to “I beat COVID-19”

  1. Awesome Testimony, to God be the Glory!
    Thanks so much for sharing and giving hope and encouragement to others. May God continue to bless and strengthen you in your endeavors.
    Elder M. Boykin


  2. As the song say; Nobody did it but God🙌🏾🙌🏾
    Im happy to hear of these stories instead of the ones about the people who didn’t survive…

    Liked by 1 person

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