As 2019 comes to an end and I reflect over the year, I was given a word that I want to share with you all going into 2020.Today, me and my step daughter were out running errands and while I was driving she asked, “will it always be sunny?” I replied, “no sweetie, it won’t always be sunny.” She then asked, “well, will it be cloudy every day?” I replied again, “no sweetie, we have sunny days and cloudy days.” I sat and pondered on our conversation and for the year 2020 I want you all to know, it won’t always be sunny, but it won’t always be cloudy either. We must find the sunshine every day.

While I had many accomplishments this year; I graduated from Community College, I got engaged, married, and moved, there were many trials as well. I grew as a daughter, wife, step-mother, friend, and co-worker. The growing process will not be easy, the stretching will not be easy, but we must endure. We must find the sunshine every day and make the best of every day that we are given. Happy New year to you all! Peace, love and blessings.

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