Last week one of my coworkers had a customer and she called me into the sale. While we were figuring up some things for the lady, we engaged in small talk; she explained how she was suffering from anxiety, stresses of her children, grandchildren, and many other daily stresses. After she finished venting, she looked at us and said, “but I’m still smiling though, y’all have a happy holiday’s.”

After she left, I thought if only we all could be like her. No matter what we are faced with, what we are dealing with, we keep smiling. Kirk Franklin has a song, I Smile, in the song he focuses on the daily struggles that people face along with depression and unemployment. Some of the lyrics go, “even though I hurt see I smile… even though I been here for a while I smile…you look so much better when you smile.”

My motivation for you all this week is simple, keep smiling. No matter what you are dealing with in this season of your life or with the Holiday Season, still smile. Keep pressing on, you cannot give up now. While the customer we had was going through so much, she still took the time out to be intentional about smiling and having a positive outlook. Remember this is not the end, not this week, not this season. Whatever your but may be, don’t let it steal your joy, keep Smiling.

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