One of my lovely coworkers, Faith, showed up to work today as she normally does with a Strawberry Refresher from Starbucks in her hand. I mean, she drinks this all the time, and y’all it looks delicious. It’s vibrant in color with strawberries floating in the drink between ice. So today for my lunch break, I was sitting in my car and I thought to myself, “I’m going to try me one of those Strawberry Refreshers.” I ordered it just like her, with lemonade. I go through Starbucks’ drive thru, get my drink, pull off, and take a sip. Wow! The drink was amazing. If you know me, you know it takes me forever to finish a drink and I drunk the entire thing in less than 15 minutes. I went back to work and I walked up to Faith and I said, “Faith, why didn’t you tell me how good these things are?” She stated back, “Jessica, I’ve been trying to tell you for forever.”

It was on my way home that a revelation hit me and God spoke to me. Why am I not like that with God? Why am I not running around telling everyone how good God is? Not just me, all of us. We are all, myself included, so quick to refer people to businesses, foods, etc. but we are shy when it comes to referring people to Christ. Someone who can heal, love, comfort, guide, fill us. We should all be going around exclaiming about how good God is to get others to try him.

In Mark 5:19, Jesus instructed the demon possessed man to go tell his family how much the Lord had done for him. Even the Samaritan woman at the well was so amazed with Jesus that she went back telling others of him. See, it may have taken awhile for me to try what Faith was offering, but I eventually did. If you are praying and believing for someone’s salvation, keep praying and believing. With timing, God’s will will be done. This week I challenge you all to get excited about sharing Christ with others. Tell them,  “you have to try Him!”

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