Freedom Friday with Payton Lee

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This week we are focusing on the body and health and what better way to start than featuring a body care brand? For this week’s Freedom Friday, we are featuring Payton Lee, owner and creator of 3sixty Skin and Body Care. These are products that I have tried, I love, and I trust. If you know me, you know that I’m a stickler for a great sugar scrub and theirs are amazing. I opted for the bundle deal because it gives you a sample of a little bit of everything, and I have nothing but good things to say about all of the items.
Payton Lee, taking pride in using holistic products to heal herself based her brand off of that belief. All products are organic, natural, paraffin free, mineral oil free, petroleum free, sulfate free, and cruelty free. Payton believes that we were put on earth for our bodies to heal themselves and to use nature to cure our problems. Founded on February 14th of 2018, Payton took the time to choose products that she would use on a daily basis. After doing research of the products that she used, she came to find that the ingredients were unknown to her and this pushed her even harder to create natural products for people to use in their everyday skincare routines. Payton finds joy in educating others of not only her brand, but the harm of using products that we buy from drug stores and other major retailers that are not good for us.
Owning a business can be challenging sometimes, but Payton is dedicated to learning her customers and catering to their needs. The name came from her mission to have products that not only you use for your face, but your entire body. She said, “there are no limits to our products.” Payton’s goal is to expand her products worldwide and in major retail stores to give everyone the option of natural and chemical free skin and body care products.
You can shop here 3sixty Skin and Body Care
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