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I have been super excited to write this post and I found it very coincidental that just a few days ago, someone posted a joke questioning how people are able to afford to travel so much and work. Well, I dear have the answer for that. I am a firm believer in traveling and I take a minimum of 4 trips a year.  I am an assistant manager and I average 40 hours a week, plus I am also in school. On a trip I took last year, I came across a wooden board that said “never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” Needless to say, I bought the board and I’ve lived by that ever since. No matter what your job is or your schedule, you have to make time for you. Traveling may not be for everyone, but for those that desire to travel like a boss, I’m going to teach you how to secure your bag and afford to travel.

1. Save and budget

This is pretty simple here. I touched on saving on the last post and I split my savings up. Half goes into my regular savings, and the other half goes into my travel savings. Even if you don’t have a travel savings, create a budget that you can afford to spend on your trip and stick to it.

2. Book ahead 

I have many accounts with Choice Hotels, Marriot Bonvoy, and Hilton Honors. This allows me to get special discount prices for being a “member” and it’s free to sign up. I also recommend but be careful to read all details before booking with third party sites.

3.Plan ahead

Before I go on a trip, I plan my activities and where to eat all before we get there. This gives everyone an idea of pricing so you can start saving. I enjoy museums and most museums honor student discounts. I recommend that you call or look on websites to see if museums or any of your activity choices give any discounts that they offer. My best friend Sakoya also uses Groupon. Again, make sure you are aware of all the details when using Groupon and other third party sites.

4. Use your time-off wisely

If you receive vacation time at work like I do, trick the system (in an ethical way). I get two off days a week and I use one or both of those days to combine with my vacation time if i am able to. This allows me to not use all of my time up. Check with your employer on your rules for scheduling and taking time-off.

5.Travel during off-season and stay during the week

Depending where you are planning to travel, look up the off-season for that area. Off-season allows you to avoid crowds and get better discounts for some activities. I also recommend traveling during the week if you decide to go during peak-season. Me and my friend Hillery went to New Orleans a week before Mardi Gras (which is peak season), but we went Sunday and stayed throughout the week. Because it was Mardi Gras, there was still a lot to do and hotel pricing is cheaper during the week versus the weekend.

I honestly have tons of travel tips and I’ve occurred it all through traveling so much.  I plan to write another post in the future giving details on how I plan my trips. If you have any questions, of course feel free to email me and Happy Traveling!

2 Replies to “Secure the Bag: Travel Tips”

  1. Jessica this is very good. I enjoy traveling and good tips are always great to have. You are exactly right weekend traveling is more expensive than during the week days and you get lots of deals especially when you hit the outlets and malls. Due to my Mother health issue and mines I didn’t get to put on my traveling shoes 👟 last yea, but this year if it’s God will I’ll be back in my traveling shoes. As I write this note I’m in Atlanta(Smyrna Ga) staying at the Hilton Hyatt with Jamira, her mom and 2 of her first cousins we’re celebrating Jamira 11th Birthday. It’s cold and raining(Easter Snap) however, we are still having a Fantastic time and all of the places we planned to attend is close by. We started out Friday with our fun outing at Dave and Busters had a great evening with a fantastic Dinner and afterwards,
    let the fun begin with the Arcades, drinks,and food all over the place. Our Saturday(today) is Girls Trip to the mall, Nail Salon, and Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen.
    I enjoy reading your blog and I can’t wait until your Book comes out.😊
    Love you Deb!


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