Easter is just around the corner along with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and I have the perfect small business for you all, Baskets By Kay. Kay Randolph, owner of Baskets By Kay is devoted to delivering the best product to her customers to make everlasting memories. Kay, 21 years old and from Opelika, Al grew up not having much so she became determined to have enough and create a better life. Kay enjoys motivating others and letting others know that there is light at the end of the tunnel to any situation. Kay also lives her life behind “if you don’t include God in your plans, they will not be successful.” God mother to her three God children, Kay says that she considers herself as their dad lol.

Baskets by Kay was started spontaneously.  Kay was gathering items for her boyfriend at the time and decided to get creative and decorate a basket for him. She posted the picture on all of her social media counts after she was done to showcase her work and the business took off from there. Turning her hobby into a business, Kay decided to officially launch December 11, 2017 just in time for Christmas. With the holiday season approaching, Kay received 200 orders in just a week.

Why should you choose Baskets By Kay? All baskets are original, designed specifically for the receiver, affordable, and can be shipped or delivered. Kay makes sure to cater to all needs as her baskets are sold year round for children and adults. Kay is always working on expanding her business so be on the lookout for Baskets By Kay to come to a physical location to you soon.

For photos, videos, surprise deliveries, and a price list please click below! Following her accounts and liking her business pages also makes you eligible for ALL seasonal giveaways!



Snapchat: @Kayyy_raaa

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