Yes, you read the title correct. “You want me to do what?”  is exactly what I asked God a few days ago. I was on the way to a friend’s house and I was listening to music, in my own little world when I saw those wonderful blue and red lights make a U-turn for me. My immediate reaction wasn’t even anger because I knew I was speeding. I’ve unfortunately had a history of being “heavy foot” and my mother knows that. Before I left the house she sent me a text saying “please watch your speed” (so to my defense, she jinxed me that morning). I pulled over to the side of the road and the officer gets out of his vehicle. He comes up to my window, tells me why he stopped me, asked for my information, and went back to his car. The entire time he was running my information I was praying. I’m talking about pulling on heaven; I knew if I got a ticket it was going to be $200 and I didn’t want my insurance to go up. I was even so confident I was thinking, “I know I’m not going to get a ticket, I have favor over my life, God I won’t speed anymore” ….and the officer comes back up with a ticket in his hand. I was stunned. I was like “God come on.” So, I thought to myself “you have not because you ask not.” So I asked the officer could he have given me a warning and he replied to me, “Ma’am you’ve have two warnings and it seems they haven’t done any good.” I accepted his response, took my ticket, and went my way.

I thought about that ticket for the entire day. What was really bothering me was we always say “All things happen for a reason” and I was having a hard time finding the good in getting a $2oo speeding ticket, then it hit me with two things.

1)  James 1:2 “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds,” This revelation I received was the hardest to accept. As soon as I read that I said to myself, “God, you want me to do what?” Count it pure joy that I got a ticket? For those dealing with whatever struggle, storm, trial, etc. Yes, God wants you to count it pure joy as well. We must find the good in every situation and look to Christ.

2) What stuck out secondly was when the officer told me “Ma’am you’ve have two warnings and it seems they haven’t done you any good.” Whatever warning God is giving you, listen. Take heed to what God is telling you and showing you because there are consequences if you do not obey. Look at Jonah, God told Jonah to go preach against the city of Nineveh and he ran. Jonah had to pay the consequences and it affected others on the ship with him.

Be obedient, listen to God, look for the good in all situations, and don’t speed lol.


2 Replies to “You Want Me to What?”

  1. At the end you started preaching. I turned the organ on and all.
    ….Jonah got himself and others paying the consequence. Smh…
    I love it. Great writer.❤️

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