Freedom Friday with Honestly Smooth Smoothie Co.

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“You shouldn’t have to spend that much to eat and live healthy,” is a quote that Honestly Smooth Smoothie Co. lives by and I must say, I agree. Serving up delicious smoothies, juices, smoothie bowls, salads, rice bowls, soups, and so much more; Honestly Smooth is dedicated to serving quality, fresh, and delicious food.

Opened in August of 2018, Honestly Smooth Smooth Co. was started by Jacob Gibson and Quinton Foster. Two good friends on a mission to supply Opelika and surrounding areas with quality, healthy food at a good price. Honestly Smooth believes in serving good quality food with no hidden ingredients, being a brand you can trust; hence the name honestly. Everything is fresh and you know what is in your food. Honestly Smooth also supplies some veggies that are grown in the store. All sauces and soups are made from scratch. I personally recommend the Korean sauce with the Honora Bowl.

Jay and Quinton are both very involved in the community and have a passion to help others. Jay, born and raised in Opelika, helps coach a youth traveling basketball team. Jay  is also dedicated to continuing his education to better himself and the business. And his favorite quote is, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it.” -Malcolm X

Quinton, originally from Anniston, Al, the “big A” as he calls it, has been in the food and beverage industry and management for a number of years. Quinton, with a creative mind and drive, is always coming up with business ventures. Through this, Quinton has developed a passion to help others and birthed a consulting business for small businesses.

After working together in food and beverages, Quinton and Jay decided to venture out on their own and start their own business. Having been in the area for a number of years, both Jay and Quinton saw that something was missing in the community and knew it was Honestly Smooth. The duo are always thinking of fresh and new ideas and plan offer catering to the community very soon. Of course being a business owner has challenges, but the rewards of smiling faces, being able to provide for your family, and be yourself, all out way the challenges.

I highly recommend their Honora-Bowl, which got its name from Quinton’s wife. And honestly (no pun intended) everything on the menu is delicious. I was privileged to try a number of items on the menu and everything was amazing. Their menu changes seasonally, so I encourage you to stop by before Spring comes and try their Turkey Chili.

Pictured below  L-R Quinton Foster and Jacob Gibson IMG_2168

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