Undergoing Major Life Changes

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After hearing a customer’s voicemail yesterday, I couldn’t resist sharing this with everyone. On yesterday, we had to call all customers to invite them in to a sale that we are having. I dialed one customer’s number and this is the message that played:

“You have reached 334-xxx-xxxx, and the person that you are trying to reach is currently undergoing some major life changes. At the beep leave a message, if you do not receive a call back, you will realize you were one of the changes. I do thank you for any part that you played in my life in 2016, but I’m going into 2017 making new changes.”

I do realize that it is 2018, and she hasn’t updated her voicemail, but her message has a point. I can’t lie, I loved her message so much that after I called her the first time, I called back to record her voicemail. Kudos to her for this message for many reasons. She is taking control of her life like we all should. She is giving a fair warning to others that she is cutting people out of her life, and even thanking them. No hard feelings, she is just doing what she has to do. I challenge you all with 25 days left to take control of your life and make whatever major changes you need to. Whether that may be cutting out relationships that aren’t good, making healthy food changes, etc. make the change and step into the new year with a plan.

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