“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” 2 Corinthians 5:17 NIV)

Because I am very frugal with my spending, I cut certain costs out to save money. For example, I do not go to get my nails done. I give myself manicures and take care of my own nail growth. Last week, I noticed that one of my nails had split. A day later, I noticed a few more had split. Over a course of a week and a half, seven out of my ten nails had either split or broken somehow. I attempted to repair my split nails with super glue (don’t judge, I was out of nail glue and it’s the same anyways right?). I attempted to use glue to mend 4 nails; it worked for a day, but I was forced to cut all of my nails to a length that is shorter than I am used to. Today, I took time to give myself a manicure and before doing so, I began talking to God. This may seem very small to you all, but I take my nails serious so hear me out. I was about to do my nails and I said, “God, my nails were a nice length, they looked nice, why did I have to start over and cut them so short?”

I received a revelation right there. A few months ago, I was eating a banana. The banana looked nice on the outside. It had great firmness and no bruises, until I got to the middle of the banana and it had a huge brown spot in the center. I had to throw away the reminder of the banana. My nails were the same way, they looked great on the outside with the polish covering them, but truthfully, my nails were weak and cracked. There are people that are the same way, and I’m no exception. We look great on the outside, great houses, great cars, great jobs, but we are struggling on the inside. We have a broken spot, a brown spot, a cracked spot, but I have news for you. God can give us a full set.

If you know anything about nails, you know a full set is not like a fill in. With a fill in, you use the same old nails and “freshen” them up.  A full set requires you to soak and/or chip to take off the old nails and start over fresh! Just like the above scripture, if we are in Christ, the old way of thinking and living must pass away and the new must come. A new way of thinking, living for Christ, and serving God must come forth. We must ask God to cleanse us and purify us. Give us clean hands and pure hearts, to take away our brown spots, or broken parts and not cover them up. We must ask God to give us a full set and not a fill in.

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