Give Me My Flowers While I’m Living

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The month of August was full of many lessons for me and the last lesson of the month will live on forever. On last Monday, August 27th my great uncle was called home. His home-going celebration was held on September 1st. From the time of his passing, up until his funeral, I was able to take note of a lot of things. The day of the funeral, my uncle rendered the eulogy. During his message, he mentioned the statement of “give your loved ones their flowers while they are living.” It wasn’t until that moment that I fully understood what that meaning meant. All the time I would hear my grandmother and others say “Give me my flowers while I’m living” or “Give me my flowers while I can still smell them.” I think it’s funny now that I took that saying literal a few years ago. I went so far that I began buying my mom and grandmother flowers for most holidays to make sure I gave them their “flowers” while they are still living. What I truly missed was they weren’t talking about actual flowers at all.

To truly give your loved ones “flowers” while they are still living looks like telling them how much you love them every day, spending time with them, making sure they know that they are loved, telling them the good things about themselves. I sat there at the funeral hearing the good things about my great uncle and realizing that if any of my other family members were to pass on anytime soon that I would have neglected the fact of giving them their “flowers” while they were living.

Sitting there, I told myself I would try harder. I would actually give my relatives their “flowers” while they are still living. I’ll call more, I’ll spend more time with them, I will cherish every single moment. And I challenge you all to do the same. Give your relatives and friends their flowers while they are still alive and can still smell them because once they are gone, they are gone.

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