Divine Intervention

Have you ever been at the right place at the right time? I’m sure we all have. Maybe something good happens to us and we say wow if I wasn’t here at this time then I would’ve missed it. Or maybe you were running late for work one day and you found out if you would’ve left home earlier that you could’ve been in an accident. It’s little things like that where God was in the mist. I like to call these little things divined intervention. I went through a full week where the phrase divine intervention was mentioned to me multiple times. I also believe that that was an act of divine intervention. I looked up the word divine and the definition I received was, “of, from, or like God or a god.” Also, “proceeding directly from God.” So, what I concluded was anything that is divine is from God. I then looked up divine intervention and the definition I found was, “A miracle or act of god (or gods) that causes something good to happen or stops something bad from happening.” Some people may call these acts coincidences, but I like to call them divine interventions. It is because of God and His plan that things work out the way they do. Now that doesn’t mean that if something bad happens that it wasn’t from God. Everything happens for a reason. We must pray and ask God what was our lesson from the situation. Sometimes there isn’t a lesson; God chooses us to have a testimony to share with others. The remainder of this week I challenge you all to see God’s divine intervention in your life and I promise that you will start thanking him more and having a heart of gratitude because if it wasn’t for the Lord, where would we be?


Sources: Dictionary.com

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