I love featuring entrepreneurs on Fridays, but I really enjoy featuring those whose products I have had the chance to try! Zipporah Cheeks from Lanett, Al has not only one business, but two. Bundles By Sole and Cheek 2 Cheek Body Care. I can personally say that I love her body scrubs! With beauty being Zipporah’s passion, she takes pride in helping women feel beautiful. Zipporah says she wants men and women to have good hygiene and look and feel good to themselves.

Zipporah and her sisters grew up with severe eczema. Because their skin would itch so badly, they became immune to certain products. When Zipporah joined the military in 2010 she moved to Texas. The water there was so harsh on her skin and hair that she had to find a quick cure. It was then that Zipporah resulted to using remedies with herbs in her water that she used when she was younger. Zipporah said, “I’m a grown woman, lol, so yes the salt is amazing in my bath but that scrub after a shave or just to get that dead skin off made me feel so refreshed and relaxed. After that I tried it all over my body.” What I love mostly about Cheek 2 Cheek Body Care is that Zipporah hand makes every product. While body scrubs can be for men and women, Bundles By Sole caters to the ladies.

After Zipporah spent $300-$500 on bundles of her own that left her disappointed, she decided to make a change. Zipporah founded Bundles By Sole. Zipporah took her time finding the perfect hair solution and says it’s the best hair she’s ever had and not just because it’s her line. If you plan on doing like Zipporah and keeping your sew ins in for at least 3 months, you need Bundles By Sole. Coming from 4 generations of cosmetologist, Zipporah grew up around stylist who stressed the importance of hair maintenance so hair care is second nature to Zipporah. The name of Zipporah’s company comes from a very close family member and is really spelled Solé, but to make it easier for people to google and find, she took the accent off. Zipporah offers Body Wave, Island Curl, Yaki Straight, and Natural Straight. Full lace frontals and closures are also available.

To reach Zipporah you can email her at Bundlesbysole@gmail.com, text 404-220-9420, or visit Sole .Zipporah can also make clip in extensions for weddings and birthdays. She can also wax and fill eyebrows for special occasions if requested.


Owner: Zipporah Cheeks



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