Freedom Friday with Taneshyia Smith

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Lady Chic Boutique is the place to shop! Owner Taneshyia Smith born and raised in Opelika, AL is on a mission to let everyone know that “style is who you are.” Taneshyia who loves to enjoy outdoor activities and traveling has a passion for fashion.  Just being able to look at different fabric and knowing the correct terms and knowing the history gives Taneshyia a thrill. Taneshyia has always wanted to have her own store and plans to have a store front location in two years. First, Taneshyia began researching other boutiques and asked God to direct her and place someone in her life with an entrepreneur mindset and a month later she met her boyfriend, who is an entrepreneur. Taneshyia got the name for her boutique because she wanted something to describe her; therefore, Lady Chic Boutique was born.

There are many boutiques around the area that are located online and storefront. You may be wondering what makes Lady Chic one of the best? She’s affordable. Taneshyia says that she’s  looking to lower her prices very soon to reach a wider audience. Taneshyia is very hands on in her business and selects all her own pieces. She provides the best customer service and believes that once you display good customer service your customers will return. One thing I personally love about Lady Chic Boutique are the raffles. Taneshyia says she does raffles to build clientele. Although building a clientele was challenging at first, Taneshyia seems to have that under her belt now and can focus on building her business. Taneshyia also just had a pop-up shop to allow customers to try on the merchandise before they buy. Taneshyia stated that she gets the most joy knowing that her customers are pleased with their items and the customer service that she provided. To shop with Lady Chic Boutique, you may reach her at 334-524-6405, in person at 506 Dunlop Drive Opelika, AL 36801, or online at ladychicboutique

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