I believe that it is important to support small businesses and especially our small black businesses. One small business I stand behind firmly is Bow Couture Designs By Iesha. She’s professional, her work is amazing, and she’s an overall great business owner.

Iesha Dunn, 25-year-old native of Opelika, Al has one child by the name of Karrington. Iesha is also a recent graduate of Troy University where she received her degree in Social Work. Iesha is training to be a social worker in Opelika and she’s planning to continue her education next year. Iesha enjoys crafting, sewing, shopping, traveling, and spending time with close friends. Iesha’s biggest passion is being able to express herself through her business. Iesha started her business just 5 years ago as a hobby. Iesha started off making hair bows for a relative and everything went from there! Iesha taught herself how to monogram and do different designs. Iesha currently specializes in t-shirts, tutu sets, tumblers, custom hair bows, event decorating, and many more!

Iesha is passionate about her business and you can tell through her work. Iesha says she loves what she does because it gives her a chance to keep her mind fresh and creative while she gets to do different designs every day and work on different products which all giver her joy. Iesha says she loves her customers and some of them get birthday outfits from her every year and she enjoys seeing them grow up. What makes Iesha different from other monogramming shops around here you may be wondering. Well, Iesha is the sole owner and creator of all her work! Yes, Iesha does it all by herself, and she doesn’t do it for the money, she does monogramming because she enjoys it. While all business owners face challenges Iesha says the hardest part of running her business was running it while finishing her last year of college. Iesha was in school, running her business, working two jobs, doing an internship, and on top of all that raising her daughter as a single parent. Can you say wonder woman?

Iesha’s daughter is her biggest inspiration being her model, fashionista, strength and reason to keep striving. Iesha has a great support system including her boyfriend and family. Iesha doesn’t stop at custom work, but also does event decorating. Iesha started doing event decorating during her pregnancy. Iesha planned her own gender reveal and developed the love there. Iesha says her favorite event to decorate is baby showers.

Iesha says that God and her vision keeps her going. She knows that God gave her a gift for a reason and she wants to continue to use her gift. Iesha plans to open multiple store front locations and expand her business beyond belief. Not only that but Iesha wants to teach her daughter how to be a boss, that’s something that money can’t buy. Iesha’s biggest advice is her favorite bible scripture, “Be anxious for nothing, but in ALL things, make your request known to God.” Iesha stated, “the reason why I provide that advice is because there will be days you want to give up, you will feel disrespected by clients, you will feel like your craft isn’t good enough, but God will provide. If it’s meant for you, no one on earth can take it from you.”

You can reach Iesha Dunn on Facebook , Instagram: @bow_couture13 or email: bowcouture13@gmail.com

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