Blessing Temporarily Unavailable

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Blessing Temporarily Unavailable

I was on my lunch break running errands and I had to stop by the bank. Instead of waiting in line to see a teller I decided to go through the ATM. When I got up to the ATM the screen read, “This ATM is temporarily unavailable.” I was a little disappointed because I was in a rush and I didn’t want to go through the teller line. I drove around and went through the teller line and as I was waiting, another car drove up to the ATM and proceeded to draw money out. I thought to myself hmph now that’s not right. It was at that moment God spoke to me and said be patient.

What if our blessing is temporarily unavailable because we aren’t ready to receive it? I was in a rush to get some things done, but God had another plan. In life, we are so quick to take short cuts and take the easy way out but sometimes God has to let us go the long way. Sometimes we have to wait our turn and run our own race at our own pace. What God has for you is for you and no one else. Don’t get discouraged when you see others getting blessed or see others doing good, be patient your time is coming. Your blessing just may be temporarily unavailable. God has everything under control and everything happens in perfect timing.


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