Freedom Friday with Zacketa Janay Pitts

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When God gives you a calling you must chase that calling and put it to use, that is exactly what photographer Zacketa Janay Pitts did. Originally from Opelika, AL Zacketa enjoys taking pictures, being with family, and going to church. Zacketa is like no other, she doesn’t compromise with the world, she stands strong on her faith and what she believes in and that makes her all the different. Photagraphy is Zacketa’s calling and God has placed it in her heart. Zacketa has put her all into her business and it shows in all of her work. Zacketa has an eye and can see what others cannot, she makes her vision come to life through her pictures.  Don’t believe me? Take a look at her work for yourself. Zacketa, like many photographers, started doing photography for fun and fell in love with it just a little over 3 years ago. I love and admire Zacketa’s business name, Gifted Hands. She says she was literally sitting down and God gave her the name. God has gifted her hands to fulfill his purpose and she does a great job at it. Zacketa has a wonderful support system behind her, her motivators and supporters who inspire her the most, her parents. Zacketa says her parents brought her up in the most amazing way; they strive for greatness each day teaching her holiness, how to live, budgeting, how to enjoy life, etc. Zacketa’s heroes are her parents, grandmother, and older god sister Brittney Singleton. Zacketa says her parents and grandmother give her a reason to do what she loves every day, her god sister keeps her going, and most importantly they all keep her on track spiritually.

Zacketa goes above and beyond with her business and makes sure to put her all into every session. In five years, Zacketa plans to be fully established in her business, and plans to have her own studio to do indoor shoots.  To reach her goal Zacketa stays productive, works on building clientele, and researching everything she can about photography. Out of the 3 years Zacketa has been a photographer, she has come to love capturing family portraits and engagement sessions the most. She says, “I just love seeing the love between my clients.” Zacketa does not specialize in any one type of photography but she says she loves wedding photography although it is a lot of work. She enjoys seeing the love between the couple and with the family supporting them during their big day. Zacketa made sure to mention a photographer she looks up to, Tanisha Stephens. Tanisha is a phenomenal photographer who is a single mom raising three kids, but still manages to stay on top of her game. Zacketa has perfected her craft from learning as much as she can online and from Tanisha as well. When shooting, Zacketa researches some poses the night before her session and makes sure to set reminders so she at least arrives 3o mins prior to the session.

To anyone wanting to pursue photography Zacketa says it takes dedication, and a lot of hard work. If you can stay focused and set a goal on where you want to be you can do anything! Also, keep in mind about the amount of time editing takes. Zacketa says editing can take about 2-3 weeks to complete. Although photography may not be for everyone, God has gifted Zacketa’s hands and equipped her with the right people in her life to help support her.

If anyone would like to book a session with Zacketa her information is listed below.

Facebook : Zacketa Janay Pitts, Business Page: Gifted Hands Photography

Cell : 334.663.7779

IG : zacketajanaypitts

*Inbox for any pricing inquires*

3 Replies to “Freedom Friday with Zacketa Janay Pitts”

  1. Awesome , love the article ,,and yes Janey have been blessed by God and she indeed do have Gifted hands, the name of her business suits her just right.


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