Freedom Friday with Danyelle Brewer

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I know you have heard of the jack of all trades, but have you heard of the lady of all trades? Meet Ms. Danyelle Brewer, make-up artist, beauty blogger, radio personality, and ordained minister. Danyelle is originally from La Grange, Ga. Danyelle started her craft as a child as she has always had a passion for music and art. In high school Danyelle signed up for dual credits to accomplish cosmetology and barbering. After Danyelle graduated from high school, she enrolled at West Georgia Technical College full-time as a cosmetology and barbering student and shortly obtained her diploma. In 2008 Danyelle received her state board license. Ms. Danyelle has over 10 years of experience with beauty and fashion making her an expert in her field as she stays up to date on current trends. Danyelle continues her learning while attending classes for creative skills in the art of hair, barbering, and makeup. After working a full-time job for 9 years Danyelle quit her day job and took a leap of faith to do cosmetology full-time and open her own business.

Danyelle opened Dany’s Beauty Bar, located at 1205 Hamilton Rd in La Grange, Ga after 3 months of quitting her job. Dany’s Beauty Bar offers flawless full face applications, virgin hair, brow microbladding, facial treatments, eyebrow arching, lash extensions and sew-in installs. You may be wondering what makes Danyelle different from other make-up artists? She enjoys meeting, inspiring and connecting to people, she also has a desire to advance in her career of beauty and reach a goal of gracing many loved magazine covers, television screens, and even being able to teach the art of beauty, fashion, and music.

Some of Ms. Danyelle’s favorite products are witch hazel for cleaning and prepping of the skin. Danyelle’s go to look is what she calls the Dany’s Angel. Dany’s Angel is where you fill in your brows using an eye pencil of your choice (lightly touching the hair in a swift motion) naturally concealing your brows and problem areas, use your exact shade of foundation and powder, add lashes, nude lip tint and highlight your nose and under eye area, omit the contour and GO! Danyelle enjoys working weddings and proms.

Danyelle doesn’t just stop at being a cosmetologist, she is also featured on a radio station called MDR RADIO which airs on Sirus XM and BTR every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11 pm EST. The show taps into love, relationships, and unsigned artists. In addition with radio, Danyelle also has a passion for ministering to others. Danyelle believes everyone needs an inspiring word from GOD from the awesome book of the Bible. Danyelle is the lady of all trades and states that she loves doing all that she does because she gets a chance to make women feel beautiful, meet new people, broadcast live, and minister to strangers.

Danyelle has makeup applications and hair services each starting at $25. Danyelle is available to speak, host, and minister at any event as she loves youth functions, plus size functions, and people with disabilities. With Danyelle being a plus size make-up artist and a mother of 2 children with special needs these topics are dear to her. Danyelle has a few upcoming events this month on May 13th she will be hosting her Fierce & Flawless Makeup Class. May 20th, Danyelle will be hosting her 1st Networking Mixer , bring your business cards, and dress to impress in your pink and black. If you wish to book Ms. Danyelle for any event or wish to attend any of her upcoming events please contact her or click the links above.

Facebook:  Danyelle Brewer Donnavone. Twitter: @msdanyelle Cell: 706-412-0780. Book Appointment

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