The old saying goes, it’s easier said than done, and that saying is so true. Over the course of a couple of weeks I have been giving others advice and it’s always easy to give advice when it is not you. When giving advice we try to be supportive, caring, and give words of wisdom but the truth is, it is always easier to say things when we are not the ones having to go through it. It’s easy to say give it to God and stop worrying when you’re not the one with the problems. It’s easy to say they are in a better place now when it’s not your loved one that has passed. It’s easy to say keep your head up when your life isn’t the one falling apart. You see, I was facing a test myself this morning and I had to stop and pray to get my thoughts together. I try not to ask the question “why me Lord”, so I asked God what is it that I need to learn from this situation and what do I need to do. God simply spoke to me and said, trust me. For the past week, God has been giving me test after test about being still and trusting Him, and today I think I finally passed. It was hard and took numerous attempts, but I finally gave it to God and moved on. We cannot get in the way of God’s plan. If we do, He will move us out of the way or let our plans go through just so we have no choice but to let His will be done.

I always tell others pray, leave it in God’s hands and trust Him, but what about when you have to use your own advice? Today I had to surrender and say okay God, I trust you. I know how it feels and I know it’s hard when you’re going through things to stay positive and trust God, but we must do it. Keep your head high and keep a smile on your face. It’s okay that you’re going through things, but never keep your head down. Lean on God and trust Him. God has a better plan for us than we can imagine. God has already written out our lives and everything happens for a reason, we just have to trust Him.

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