Freedom Friday with T.J. Cole

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The infamous credit. No one really cares about credit until it’s time to buy something and they need credit; for example, a car or house. That is when T.J. Cole, certified credit restoration specialist, comes in handy. T.J. Cole, from Columbus, Georgia is on a mission to help others get great credit and purchase the vital things in life that require credit to get them. T.J. studied business management at the unsinkable Albany State University, and relocated to Columbus, Georgia shortly after. T.J.’s goal is to position his family to have full control over their buying power and money in hopes to leave his children with a legacy.

T.J. works with a company called Financial Education Services (FES). FES is internet based with two office locations in the Columbus area giving clients the freedom to visit a physical location or work with a specialist online. T.J. jumped at the opportunity to become a credit specialist when he was aware he could help restore others quality of living while making money at the same time. You could choose any credit restoration specialist, but T.J. takes his clients personal. T.J has your best interest at heart by not only making you his priority, but by also educating you. T.J. strongly believes he can help build people while building relationships. T.J. enjoys helping others and seeing smiling faces once clients see results and give testimonies.

Now you might be wondering how does T.J. exactly restore credit? Well, FES partners with non-profit organizations that have teams of credit attorneys that write dispute letters for clients and have the letters sent to the 3 primary credit bureaus. While T.J. guarantees total satisfaction, the length of time it takes to see results vary with each individual.

T.J. gave some crucial advice to those worried about their credit. When you realize, your credit is not where you would like it, that is when you should seek a consultant. Anything that is under a 620 is considered not a good score. To purchase a home, a good score is 640 for civilians and 620 for military. Over 43 million people have a credit score of 599 and less than $500 in savings. T.J.’s goal is to get everyone’s score to at least in the 700s. T.J. also gave the advice to be cautious with credit cards, never go over 30% utilization.

FES offers a plan called FES Protection Plan with services like Lifelock, My Care Plan, Debt Zero, and many more. To contact T.J. you can find him on Facebook: Timothy Cole, Instagram: @creditcoach_23, website: or phone: 762-241-2608

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