Freedom Friday With Brannon McKissic

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Self-taught photographer Brannon McKissic started out buying a camera for comedy videos and ended up creating BzB Visuals. I chose Brannon for my first Freedom Friday feature because of his personality and great craft. I remember when Brannon first started out, and he also did a photo shoot for myself so I can vouch for his talent personally.

Brannon, from Dothan, Al. started out buying a camera to shoot comedy videos. It wasn’t until he started doing research on how to use the camera that he developed a love for photography. He says he learned to take pictures better and everything went from there. He booked photo shoot after photo shoot and soon after, he created BzB Visuals and he plans to take his business to the top. Not only take his business to the top, but turn his photography business into a production company making movies and owning his own network. For now, he’s working on being succeful through Instagram and showing others that black males can be successful. Brannon says he spent about a year watching YouTube videos and practicing his craft, everything was self-taught. When Brannon started, he hit the ground running, but wishes he would’ve started sooner. Although Brannon is still getting a feel for his niche, he doesn’t have a specific style or specialty, but enjoys model photography and capturing beautiful women.

Brannon made a very valid point when I asked if photography was his main source of income and he responded, “In chasing a dream you have to be realistic.” He stressed how he loves photography, but it isn’t for the money, which says a lot about Brannon. He continued that if you make your craft great, everything else will fall into place.  Throughout this journey for Brannon, he says his mother has been his biggest motivator, and both of his parents have helped him in some way become the man that he is today. Of course, with Brannon being a preacher’s son I had to ask about his religion and outlook. He responded, “religion is important, but after being a pastor’s son I have a little different outlook on religion and how it is pushed upon us.”

Now you may be wondering what makes Brannon so different from other photographers? He is dedicated to perfecting his craft and reaching all his goals. He is ambitious, has a great work ethic, and as he says, he has the “gift of gab” which makes his personality like no other. He inspires to leave behind a legacy where his work speaks for himself. He is also very passionate about his work and hopes his family and everyone that encounters him will be proud of him. I think it’s safe to say that his work speaks for himself.

To anyone chasing your dream, be realistic, never give up, and keep perfecting your craft. You never know what doors or roads that can be open for you just by taking a leap of faith. To book a photo shoot with Brannon you can reach him on Facebook: Brannon BzB McKissic Instagram: @bzbvisuals Email: or by simply calling him at 334-648-5619

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