Today’s Pow Wow Wednesday comes from my former mentor/intern Mrs. Shanesia Burden. She is a wonderful mom, wife, sister, friend, boss, etc. I admire Mrs. Shanesia for her loving spirit and warm encouraging words. Her Pow Wow Wednesday for today is to help encourage everyone to keep going and don’t stop.

“I’m Not Stopping

As I go through life I’ve learned to listen to God’s instructions, be patient and wait on my turn. We as people often want that “right now” success, but no one understands the process. No one wants to face disappointments, money loss, time loss, people plotting against your vision, stumbling blocks, jealous friends, ups, downs and the list gets even longer. When you really understand the words, “Nothing will stop me” your skin gets a little thicker. Do you really know how many people reach their full potential? The percentage is the size of a pea. I promise, I told myself I will be successful, not solely for me, but to be an asset to other men and women. When you focus on self, you’ll never rise. As you grow, take someone up with you. Life is a constant journey. Some days you’ll get lost, break down, but repair yourself, refuel, change routes and continue pressing the gas. I tell myself daily, “I’m not stopping!”

Are you going to give up? Or are you going to make the best out of your situation? No one life is perfect. Don’t be fooled by social media. Please believe EVERYONE is going through something, but the strongest people continue rising up despite of any turmoil.

Most people think money answers all problems. Not so, yes it helps make your financial obligations a little easier to deal with due to adequate resources, nevertheless it doesn’t fix your entire life. Don’t focus on money. This is where we go wrong. Focus on making life easier for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Then the resources will come.

Tell yourself, “I’m not stopping.” Never forget- when you stop or procrastinate it delays your progress. No matter how life swallow you up continue believing in your vision. It took me years to understand success will come, but not when you want it. The Bible says, “Our thoughts are not like his thoughts. His ways aren’t like our ways. He thinks completely different. I’ve learned how to say, “Lord, whenever you’re ready to bless me I’ll take it.” Be encouraged everyone. Don’t stop and watch God continues to elevate your mind and vision.

-By Shanesia M. Burden”

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